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Rashmi Plasticoat Industries is the leader in dish washing racks, stacks, and baskets, serving the hospitality industry for the last 34 years. It specializes in manufacturing products for the hospitality industry.

Our company supplied material to all the ten hotels during the Asian games in 1982. We introduced for the first time in india, plastic molded dish washing racks at Aahar 2000. We launched multiple glass storage and washing racks, for the hospitality industry at Aahar 2010. We have proved time and again that - WE INNOVATE OTHER FOLLOWS.

All of our dish washing racks are of universal size of 500 mm X 500 mm. They are manufactured indigenously and strict quality measures are followed. It is a result of many years of R&D and experience that rashmi plasticoat industries produces items that save chipping & breakage while washing and handling. That's why we tell our customers - HANDLE WITHOUT CARE.

Along with racks, we also manufacture deep fat fryer baskets of a variety of sizes, plate clips for holding glasses, plate stacks, baskets and trolleys of various storage capacities, cutlery stations, cutlery bins etc.

Our onion/potato trolley and multi basket trolley are first choice of hospitality managers.

Now, we have also come up with dish washing racks of 400 mm X 400 mm for glass washer/under table dish washer.

The company has formed by Mr. V.K Macker and he still believes that our foundations are laid on the principles of honesty, quality, consistency, timely delivery and after sales service.

We also customize products as per requirements. We welcome all to cooperate with us, in creating a new future.

We assure our best services at all times.

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dish washing racks

Dish Washing Racks

The term 'dishwashing' refers to cleaning eating and cooking utensils, in addition to dishes.Dishwashing is usually done using an implement for the washer to wield, unless done using an dish washing racks.
dish washing racks

Plate Stacks

Plate stacks for full plate, desert plate, BNB Plate and Saucer, These plate stacks are customized to your plate size. Apart from round, other shapes can also be made to order capacity - 20-25 plates.
dish washing racks

Wire Racks

Wire Racks for full cups & Plates. These Wire Racks are customized to your plate or cup size. Apart from round, other shapes can also be made to order capacity.